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Some Common Symptoms

Behavioural problems, learning difficulties, insomnia, tinnitus, skin problems, constant colds/flus, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, anxiety, aggressive behaviour, hyperactivity, headaches/migraines.


Mobile phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, WIFI, household wiring & appliances, underground cables, mobile phone masts, meter boxes, laptops, mobile phone chargers, high voltage transmission lines (pylons), street power lines (and underground), & smart meters.

Electro-magnetic Precautions

To minimise risk, avoid or reduce using wireless technology, turn off mobile phone when not in use, turn off electrical appliances including those in the bedroom and the other side of the bedroom wall. Turn off wifi at night. If you must use a baby monitor, keep it at least one metre from the child’s bed.

Goals and

To prevent and/or minimise EHS (electrical hypersensitivity, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, electrical sensitivity, electro sensitivity and electro stress) and to promote and protect the health of EHS sufferers through the provision of support, education, advice and practical solutions.