In Home Assessments

Are you a worried Mum? Is there something not quite right with your child's health? 

Health Assessments For Your Home and Family

You just have that nagging suspicion (called intuition) that something is just not right with your child and the worst thing is you do not know what to do or who to turn too?  Perhaps your children are lethargic, complaining of headaches, not sleeping properly, seem confused, perhaps even forgetful?

Are you struggling to reason with them, or are they not coping at school?

It’s possible that WiFi, mobile phones and other forms of EMFs may impacting your home and the health of your family. That’s what I specialise in.

As their mum, you know that there is something affecting your child, you have been to doctors and other services and nothing seems to help and no one understands. This is extremely worrying and upsetting.

I understand!

I get it!

I’ve been there.

I am a mother of four children, I have been through the ups and downs, going to different places for advice and sometimes not getting the help I need. I’ve even experienced not being listened to and have been told that I am just plain paranoid!

There are many things that may be the cause of our children’s health issues.

One thing most doctors and other specialists do not take into account is the home environment.

If your child is not responding to their treatment, perhaps it could be something in your home that is affecting them.

If you have tried everything to get an answer about the health of your child, or if you sense that there is something actually wrong, but don’t know where to go to be listened to, perhaps you might like to have a chat with me.

In my own experience, research and study, I have come to know, that there are many unseen health hazards in our homes.

This is my experience with exposure to EMFs:

I went from being vibrant, fit and healthy to hardly having the energy to walk up a very slight incline to my unit which I used to have no problem with earlier.  I was extremely fatigued, I was so tired. At night all I wanted to do was sleep. I would go to bed and I would just lay there, I couldn’t sleep, if I did sleep it was for very short periods and I would be wide awake again. I had “brain fog” and would be speaking to people and half way through my conversation I would stop mid-sentence as I completely forgot what I was saying. I found this extremely embarrassing. I also suffered from Anomia. Anomia is where you are speaking and you know the words you want to say, you can see them clearly, but you cannot get them from your brain and out of your mouth. You could say my life had changed. I had always considered myself healthy and prided myself on not having to visit the doctor except for the routine women’s health check. I was feeling very scared and concerned so I visited my Doctor. When I went back to get the results from my tests I feared the worst. Imagine my surprise when my doctor told me there was nothing wrong with me!

I walked out of the doctor’s surgery feeling even more scared and confused than when I walked in. I couldn’t understand what they were not picking up.

I consider myself extremely lucky that I worked out myself what was wrong, this may never have happened had I not removed myself from the environment that was causing me so much grief, as I realised while I was away from that environment my symptoms cleared up.

Can you imagine what my life would be like if I had not found the cause of my distress!

Can you imagine the other Doctor’s I would have visited? Specialists I would have been sent to and worst of all, possible medications I may have been given?

And I’m 50 odd, so imagine what this could be doing to a small child’s body?

EMF assessments have seen families reach better health after learning more about WIFI, EMFs and other related things in the home. Just by moving a few items around in the home, there are accounts of families seeing vast improvements in their child sleeping better. One 10 year old child slept 10 hours straight for two nights in a row by adopting changes that were suggested. This child had not slept properly for 10 years! He was sleep deprived and his parents had spent a fortune on Doctors, specialists and many different therapies.

Another instance saw an 11 year old girl who had chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia-like symptoms improve quickly and dramatically after following the advice given after an assessment. I have seen erratic behaviour in children be almost immediately soothed after the implementation of my suggestions. There are many stories like these.

Perhaps you need peace of mind? Would you, as a mum, like to make 100% certain that your family are not impacted by EMFs?

Our sleep is critically important, and that of children even more so. A good night sleep is extremely important as this is where our bodies rest, rejuvenate and repair. A bedroom with exposure to EMFs will have a massive impact in the state of your child’s sleep.

And that’s why I conduct in-home assessments in the family’s environment. I go to people’s homes and using my equipment and processes, find the sources where your family could be affected by EMFs and Wifi.

Allow me to come into your home and do an assessment (using advanced equipment), which will paint a picture for us of what your children are possibly being exposed to. This will give us something to work with to eliminate or reduce the exposure.

I would love to help you, perhaps you would prefer a little chat first?

Please call 4724 1582 or to book an assessment please click here on our Facebook page.